Welcome to the Patty Cake Shop!

From 1952 until its close in Sept of 1999, Patty Cake Shop of Duluth, Minnesota was a Duluth Tradition. Thousands of Duluth families grew up with Patty Cake Shop birthday cakes, married with Patty Cake Shop Wedding Cakes and entertained with Patty Cake Shop tortes and cookies.
For years, Patty Cake Shop Buttercream Icing, solid chocolate Sacher Tortes, Mocha Tortes, and Cut-out Cookies have been only fond Duluth memories. For the faithful, however, the wait is over!
Gretchen Soetebier carries on the famous Patty Cake Shop Perfection, with the same fantastic formulas, ingredients and methods.
Contact Gretchen,<strong>Email me: gsoetebier@reagan.com, to find out how you can, once again, experience Patty Cake.
...Now accepting Paypal.... Pick up your prepaid order at the Piedmont Milk House, 2703 Piedmont Ave
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